Friday, 27 May 2016

Blog Address Update

Hi all! Just to let you know, I changed the blog URL to avoid some confusion with other sites. Please update your bookmarks!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Outfit #31

Untitled #124

Untitled #124 by labelleestlabete

We're using some more men's items today. The T-shirt is from Y-3, the collaboration between Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas. It's simply designed, but I liked the classic Yamamoto image on the front.

I used a looser style of jeans today because they're slightly more comfortable than the ever-present skinny jeans.
The Call It Spring boots are loose at the top to accommodate the legs of the jeans, and I like the multi-strap design.

I added a Rick Owens jacket and an All Saints scarf for extra layering, and finished off the outfit with some interesting rings (I especially like the black tungsten one), a belt, and a studded backpack.
I'm glad backpacks are back in fashion - I was around for the switch from backpacks to messenger bags at school, and we were constantly getting lectures about not overloading the bags if we were carrying them over one shoulder (same for backpacks when one-strapping it was the only way), and crossing the strap over your chest to spread the load. I carry a huge one-shoulder handbag now and I do have a tendency to overload it, so maybe a backpack is a better option.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Outfit #30

Untitled #120

Untitled #120 by labelleestlabete

Another casual outfit today, for shopping or possibly work if your employer isn't fussed about what you wear, like my last job.

I started off with the ribcage T-shirt, because I liked the smudged effect of the design. I think  it would be really cool to make one with bleach sprayed over a stencil, instead of just a white screenprint.

Then I added the ripped jeans from Topshop - I like to add patterned tights underneath damaged denim for extra effect (lace tights work really well), but I didn't put them in this set.

I used two different types of boot in the set - combat boots for ease of walking, and the Torment-84 boots from Demonia for effect. Demonia boots have a pretty low price point compared to some other brands, but they are good quality. I have the Concord-108 boots and they are great for festivals and clubs, because the thick foam soles keep your feet off the hard ground and you don't get so tired from standing. They're also great if you've got some mope filming a gig on their phone standing right in front of you.

Then I added accessories - the ubiquitous jacket, scarf and bag - and a coffee mug from Contigo for a pick-me-up. I have the mug that's in this set and it's awesome. It's completely vacuum-sealed, so you don't have to worry about it spilling in your bag, and it keeps your drink hot for around 4 hours. Much better than my old one, which would leak if you so much as looked at it sideways.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Outfit #29

Untitled #123

Untitled #123 by labelleestlabete

Another "day" outfit today. I found the sleeveless vest from
Genuine People on Polyvore and wanted to do another
Lagenlook-inspired set.

I added a swing-cut vest to match the loose vest, keeping up the layering effect of Lagenlook. Then I used the leather-look leggings to add another texture to the outfit. The Fly London boots add some interest to the lower half of the outfit, and they have a solid wedge heel that's easy to get around in.
I rarely add heels to day sets because I usually build outfits that I would like to wear. I have dodgy knees, so heels all day is not the best idea. Therefore, flats and wedges are the order of the day.

I finished off the outfit with just a bag and a hat, since the vest is the most eye-catching item and I didn't want to detract from it. I used a large but simply-designed bag for storing all your gear (I always end up with half of my shopping in my handbag so I don't have to carry everything by hand), and a big felt hat just because I like them.
I mentioned before that keeping your accessories big makes you look smaller by comparison - the vest, hat and bag combo should do just that.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Outfit #28

Untitled #119
Untitled #119 by labelleestlabete

I wanted to make a slightly fancier "day" outfit - you could also wear this clubbing, but I would swap out the Alexander Wang pullover for a more fitted top. An underbust corset like these would work really well with the line of the skirt.

I started off with the Alexander McQueen skirt, which is cut along the same lines as a lot of gothic lolita skirts, like this one (this one is punk lolita, but the two are closely related). I liked the full, tiered structure of the skirt and I used it as a base to build the rest of the set.

I used the pullover and the waterfall jacket from Miss Selfridge to add some more layers and visual interest with the different fabrics and textures. 

For accessories, I added leggings (you know how I feel about sudden breezes while wearing short skirts), a spine bracelet by
Ayaka Nishi, and the bag from Cesare Paciotti.
I used Harley Davidson boots to finish off the outfit. I think the skirt looks better with a bit of a heel, instead of flat combat boots.

Finally, I added a nail polish idea - matte black nails are an update of the classic black polish. Back in the old days, before Chanel came out with their range of black polishes, you were stuck scouring markets or Hallowe'en stores for your gothy makeup needs. Fortunately, Stargazer and Manic Panic were on hand later on to make things easier, and now black nail polish can be found pretty much everywhere.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Oufit #27

Untitled #121
Untitled #121 by labelleestlabete

Today I did something different and made a unisex outfit. Every item is from the men's section, and also under $100. The Kenzo jeans were the exception, however, because I liked the cross design on the leg and didn't find anything else more suitable. The shearling coat from River Island is currently on sale for $50 (down from $140, so get one while you can!).

I wanted to use purely men's clothing in this set because I've been talking about shopping in the men's section, but my sets are usually made up of mostly women's clothing. The intention this time was to show you how you can combine men's clothing to make an outfit that could be worn by either gender.

I added a few goth staples - the webbing belt and the big army backpack. I have basically the same one, and it's awesome for travelling. If you have an army surplus store near you, go and have a look around for hidden gems.
The boots are from Demonia, and I chose them for the extra buckle and chain details to keep the outfit from being too plain, which is the same idea with the shearling coat. Even though the coat comes from the men's section, it has a quite defined waist which would suit ladies as well.

Finally, I chose a T-shirt with a cool design on the front, which for me is the best part about men's clothing (apart from jeans that bloody fit!). I'm getting a bit tired of the motifs being repeated in women's T-shirts - there's a lot of dreamcatchers, astrological signs and "Aztec print" (don't even get me started on that one). Men, on the other hand, get skulls and motorbikes and those fake business or sports club designs. So clearly, the only solution is to buy those instead.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Outfit #26

Untitled #118
Untitled #118 by labelleestlabete

I made this set because I liked the ouija board purse from Restyle. This outfit isn't really basic, but it's an example of a "day" outfit that you might wear on a shopping trip or day out. 

I really like this skeleton top, especially with the added feather detail in the design. It's easy to find standard skeleton shirts, but this one is just a little bit different. 

The skirt from RQBL is a classic goth style - lots of tulle, lace and tattered pieces. I chose a fuller design to balance out the fit of the top, which has a wider hem than usual that sits well with the cut of the skirt.

I used combat boots to make it easy to walk around for a long time. These are from Commes des Garçons, but you can find brand new boots in army surplus stores for a friendlier price.
 A tip if you're wearing them out and about - make sure the boots are laced tightly around your toes and upper foot. That way, they don't slide around and give you blisters. I rarely wore my combat boots because of that until I looked on a hiking forum to see how they solved the problem. No more blisters!

Finally, the accessories were added to finish of the outfit: tattered tights, a tungsten ring, the wolf claw necklace that I use a lot, and plenty of bracelets. I love adding lots of bracelets because it gives some interest to the sleeve area, and I think they look really good with a tank top or T-shirt.